The Big Conversation

Conversations are the work of leaders and the workhorses of the company.

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What Does This Look Like for You?

We have developed three approaches that provide company-wide conversations, which enhance employees capacity to serve as effective agents for strategic success, high levels of alignment, collaboration, and partnership at all levels within the organisation.

Big Conversations

The Big Conversation

Bring your leaders together for a range of interactive discussions, workshops and presentations, giving a space for people to talk through the challenges, explore continuous improvement opportunities and share fresh insights and ideas on how to promote the improvement of the culture of the organisation for the benefit of everyone, those who experience services and those who provide them.

Begin with: Organisational: Internal Big Conversations 

Then  move into: Sectoral: National Big Conversations 

Skillful Conversations

Skillful Conversations Program

Modular program focusing on the conversations that take place  every day – Team meetings, coaching, delegation, confrontation, feedback, accountability, negotiations, generations.. You choose.

  • Interrogate reality – Reality is a moving target. Each person’s own view of reality – each person’s individual perspective – isn’t necessarily shared by others, even if they’re a part of the same conversation.
  • Provoke learning – Using skillful conversation to uncover and share the realities of everyone involved leads to greater understanding and opens the possibilities of more optimal decisions.
  • Tackle tough challenges – Having the knowledge of each person’s unique perspective will enable the tough challenges to be tackled to move toward resolution.
  • Enrich relationships – Often forgotten or overlooked, this objective is where respect and engagement truly occur as a result of more authentic and transparent conversations.

What that means is that capitalising on complexity in the business world requires companies to go back to basics in one key way: enriching relationships one person, and one authentic, real, conversation at a time. Top leaders are realising the impact of the art of skillful conversation and its measurable ROI as a way to capitalise on the new complexity of business.

Coaching Conversations

Coaching Conversations

A modular program to develop and or enrich a coaching leadership strategy.

  • Overcome barriers to meaningful conversations
  • Express who you are and what you believe
  • Encourage others to reveal their true opinions
  • Confront tough issues with confidence and sensitivity
  • Handle strong emotions – on both sides of the table
  • Increase clarity and improve understanding
  • Inspire creativity, problem solving and passion
  • Build strong relationships with colleagues, clients, friends and family

WILD Conversations - Outdoor Coaching

Taking your BIG conversation outdoors.

I offer leadership coaching conversations whilst experiencing the benefits of fresh air- and time away from an office environment, whether it be your organisation’s or home office.

I stay present and curious in every conversation and have the courage to interrogate reality' and I am not afraid to come out from behind myself & be vulnerable in conversations. This is big for me on many levels.

Michael DicksonEx Manager