Conflict Resolution

For Good or Evil?

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Productive conflict creates an opportunity for progress and growth. Not only does conflict allow us to learn more about our teammates but it also leads to improved working relationships, increased job satisfaction, and better employee retention rates. So why do we fear it?

What Does This Look Like For You?

Want collaboration?: Accept – and actively manage – conflict. We have three approaches which know offers just that.

Crucial Conversations

Mastering Crucial Conversations Program

Is it possible that an organisation’s performance could hang on something as soft and gushy as how individuals deal with crucial conversations?

Yet maybe these crucial conversations are the aftermath of crucial moments-moments when people’s actions disproportionately affect their organisations, their relationships, and their lives?

What is a Crucial Conversation?

What does difficult behaviour look like?

Mastering crucial conversations

Staying focused on what you want

When safety is at risk

Master your stories

How to coach during conflict

Move to action and results

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Management Program

The psychological toll of the pandemic has challenged workers and managers in a variety of ways. As we head into the third year of Covid, a new issue has sprung up: “splitting,” a mental defense mechanism which allows us to tolerate difficult and even unbearable emotions by seeing someone or something as either heroes or villains, good or bad, “with us” or “against us.” This can result in tension and conflict. To manage it, leaders need to focus on three areas: identifying splitting triggers in themselves, spotting splitting behavior on their teams, and focusing on reuniting and reintegrating relationship.

  • Understand the powers that are present in conflict.
  • Accept the power of vulnerability in conflict resolution
  • Define conflict in context and identify it.
  • Identify the root causes of conflict.
  • Understand approaches to types and levels of conflict.
  • Action the 10-Step analysis of conflict.

Conflict Coaching

From Holding People Accountable to Holding People Able

Individual conflict coaching sessions can help to navigate and resolve issues and prepare for best ways to move forward with particularly challenging situations.

One-to-One Coaching is a low pressure but BIG conversation(s)resulting in gaining insights into self and conflict situation.

If I had known what I know now... Thank you. I have slept through the night for the first time in months.

Agnes JohnstonTeam Leader