What would leadership look like if its highest purpose was to ensure that future generations thrived?

Strategic Thinking Partnership

Heather Gordon is the CEO of her consulting firm, Heather Gordon Consultancy. She has been working in organisations for over 40 years and, as a strategic thinking partner with organisations and leaders, for twenty five years.

In her consulting practice, she specialises in leadership coaching, mentoring and organisational cultural change.

For the past 40 years she has worked in and consulted with a wide variety of organisations ranging from Public, Private and Third sector organisations.

Most of her work has been in Scotland, where she has also served on charitable boards and committees, offering business mentoring and leadership support.


  • Coaching executives who are instigating cultural change in their organisations.
  • Coaching teams, groups of executives, and executive committees of board of directors who are interested in improving services, strengthening their organisation, strengthening their board of directors.

Cultural Change

Cultural change initiatives that increase innovation within organisations

Full scale cultural change

Full scale cultural change targeted in shifting the leadership culture from hierarchical leadership to shared or distributive leadership.

Facilitating and Designing

Facilitating and designing processes to help integration of different organisational cultures.

Mentoring development

Developing mentoring/staff development programs for employees

Senior leadership consulting

Consulting with senior leadership teams to improve their learning and leadership capacity.

Leadership cultural development is more effective and sustainable when it’s part of a transformational and collaborative journey, rather than built around a series of learning events.

Our process starts with gleaning insights about your organisation’s unique culture.

We tailor consultancy to your organisation’s specific needs’ resulting in a complete customised leadership development journey for your organisation.