Nature Runs on Sunlight

How does nature’s lesson to “run on sunlight” inspire us to think differently about leadership?

What Does This Look Like For You?

As leaders, we need to see and embrace the human energy of our employees as an essential resource for our living organisation. We need to shift our leadership practices to strengthen authentic relationships, higher shared purpose, and reciprocity in our work environments.

First framework: Organisations can evolve

The first framework is that organisations can evolve. Currently most of our organisations are consumptive in nature. They are designed and led in ways that consume more resources than they produce.

Some organisations have evolved to where their relationships are more reciprocal: they focus on life-giving interactions and are more self sustaining, resilient and generous.

Second framework: Thinking differently about our leadership and our organisations

Snr Executive interdependent development program. Leading in a complex world requires their advancement in their thinking capability. The outcome of this development is the ability to think in systemic, strategic, and interdependent ways.

Creating Interdependent Collaborative Leaders who are:

  • Interdependent thinkers
  • Sees systems, patterns and connections
  • Longer-term thinkers
  • Can hold multi-frame perspectives
  • Hold contradictions
  • Hold courageous conversations

Third framework: Working with the dynamics of living systems for the complex challenges we face today

ROCKIN YOUR ROLE: The Effective Leader Program

These days, disruption feels like a constant. And more and more often, leaders are tasked with bringing together teams whose members are working from home, scattered geographically, or diverse in many ways. So how do you lead effectively when the needs are ever changing, and you don’t always have the benefit of in person communication?

Rockin Your Role – The Effective Leader Program, specifically for mid- level managers who are facing the challenges of the new world of work head-on. As you balance a demanding job alongside roles outside of work, success requires a clear understanding of your own leadership preferences, clarity around what kind of leader you want to be, and the critical skills to help you follow through.

During this interactive online program, leaders learn how to lead and collaborate virtually + in person, increase resiliency, and solve challenges no matter what disruption comes your way