Heather Gordon founded empower|me after a successful career in performance leadership and management, working in private, third and public sectors. Heather held many senior posts in management and operations, through to a role as director of a social firm, before taking the leap to go self- employed to help others unlock the potential of their capacity, through empowerment.

As a speaker, Heather focuses on the power of empowerment and facilitates conversations that open up peoples thinking around their own potential and capabilities, and how people have the power to be the change they desire, in work and in their own lives.

Heather shares her warmth and wisdom and offers tools and tips that are easily transferable and empowering.

Some of Heather’s recent talks:

  • What’s Stopping You?
  • Power With Not Over
  • How Dare She
  • Debunking The Myths of Vulnerability
  • Empathy in Leadership is a Sign of Weakness
  • Rising Strong
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