Program 1 - The Neuroscience of Conversations

A deep dive into the fascinating world of conversations

Are you ready to dive into your continuous conversation journey?
Are you ready to connect to your brain?
Are you ready to change your body’s chemistry, not just for the moment, but perhaps a lifetime? Yep- actually look forward to having conversations!
Are you ready be get ‘wired’ for trust?
Yes to all of the above? Then sign up for a 90min deep dive into the fascinating world of continuous conversations!!

Welcome to your continuous conversations workshop1: The Neuroscience of Conversations: 90 min Zoom workshop  – Who’s it for – everyone!

I have always loved the quote:

” Your confusion is an asset; in fact, your search for clarity may blaze a path for others.”

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Conversations are not just a way of sharing information; they actually trigger physical and emotional changes in the brain that either open you up to having healthy, trusting conversations or close you down so that you speak from fear, caution, and anxiety. Conversations have the power to change the brain by boosting the production of hormones and neurotransmitters that stimulate body systems and nerve pathways, changing our body’s chemistry, not just for a moment, but perhaps for a lifetime.

As we communicate, our brains trigger a neurochemical cocktail that makes us feel either good or bad, and we translate that inner experience into words, sentences, and stories. “Feel good” conversations trigger higher levels of dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins, and other biochemicals that give us a sense of well-being.

We will complete our conversation journey with program 2: Conversation Intelligence (C-IQ): 90min Zoom workshop

So yes, ONLY 90mins to understand why conversations have the power to change your life, one conversation at a time! 

Look forward to conversing with you-:)

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