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Trust and betrayal in the workplace: building effective relationships in your organisation

Dennis Reina and Michelle Reina, published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, second revised edition, January 2006, 247 pages

The authors believe that work environments will become more productive and rewarding if relationships that define them are truly built on trust. Minor misreadings of intention and major breaches of promise can frequently result from downsizing, restructuring, reengineering, upsizing, mergers and growth, which lead all too often to seriously diminished employee performance. This book addresses the issues of betrayal and trust, establishing boundaries, delegating appropriately, encouraging mutually serving intentions, keeping agreements and being congruent in behaviour, and illustrates ways to built trust in teams, groups and organisations.

Rebuilding trust in the workplace: seven steps to renew confidence, commitment, and energy

Dennis Reina and Michelle Reina, published by Berrett-Koehler Publishers, November 2010, 192 pages

It is easy to feel less engaged or committed and more sceptical at work, to feel isolated or get caught in the middle of co-worker’s interpersonal conflicts. These are the symptoms of broken trust in the workplace. This book offers a proven seven-step process to heal pain and rebuild trust, focusing specifically on the workplace, and also advising on what to do when you have hurt someone else.


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