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Other topics

Other topics that are helpful to read when considering feedback are:

Performance Management

This topic is helpful for understanding the bigger picture and learning how feedback fits into the high performance of your team. It also helps you to understand the importance of feedback in setting expectations.

Emotional Intelligence

This helps to understand why some people may be better at dealing with constructive feedback than others. It also helps you to understand how you can get better at receiving feedback, and how you can improve your behaviour to become more effective at giving feedback.

Difficult People

Some people don’t want to change, regardless of whether you are following the principles of good feedback. This helps you to understand what to do in the more challenging cases.


This topic helps you to understand how you can give good feedback within the structure of your company’s appraisal system.

Coaching Yourself

One of the best places for feedback is you.


Feedback is an essential part of the learning process. There is a section on feedback within the topic on Learning.

Discipline and Grievance

If the feedback is intended to correct a long-standing problem that the recipient seems unwilling to resolve, you may be into disciplinary action.


The art of giving and receiving feedback

Shirley Poertner and Karen Massetti Miller, published by Provant Media Publishing, 1997, 100 pages

This is a very easy-to-read short book with lots of tips and simple exercises to help understand the points made. It includes an interesting chapter on the impact of communications styles on feedback.

Giving and receiving performance feedback

Peter R Garber, published by Human Resource Development Press, 2004, 200 pages

This is a useful book that gives solid, practical guidance on how to give and receive feedback to improve performance.

Giving and receiving feedback

Patti Hathaway, published by Crisp Publications, 1998, 103 pages

The book is short and quick to read. It goes into some of the psychology behind feedback in a very accessible way. It has lots of simple questionnaires and exercises for self evaluation.

Tell me how I’m doing – a fable about the importance of giving feedback

Richard L Williams, published by Amazon, 2002, 126 pages

Helps the reader to understand what happens in an environment where there is no feedback and how to include it in the workplace. A good read.


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