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Effective coaching

Myles Downey, published by Orion Business Books in 1999, 132 pages

This is an easy-to-read introduction to coaching with sample conversations and simple, easy-to-understand models to assist you in your practical coaching work. The book covers key skills, example applications of coaching (including team coaching) and how to implement it effectively.

Coaching for performance

John Whitmore, published by Nicholas Brearley Publishing in 1996, 150 pages

This is perhaps the most popular coaching book. From definitions through skills to feedback and motivation, it provides the basic information you need. Usefully it also looks at each step of the GROW process in more detail, with example conversations. (As an interesting aside, John started his career as a professional racing driver for the highly successful Ford team. He won both the British and European Saloon Car championships.)

The inner game of golf

W Timothy Gallwey, published by Pan Books in1986, 239 pages

One of a series of groundbreaking books that help you understand the things within us that get in the way of peak performance. Timothy uses specific sports (there are also Inner Game books on tennis and skiing as well as music and business) to illustrate how we often cause our own interferences.

People pattern power

Marilyne and Wyatt Woodsmall, published by Next Step Press in 1998, 356 pages

A conversational book that looks specifically at language and how we run language patterns that impact on how we are motivated.

Coaching – evoking excellence in others

James Flaherty, published by Butterworth Heinemann in 1998, 198 pages

A more detailed book covering the foundation of coaching, its basic principles, the coaching relationship and coaching conversations.

Effective coaching

Marshall J Cook, published by McGraw-Hill, in 1999, 178 pages

An easy-to-read text covering all aspects for a practical introduction to coaching. With steps and checklists, this book includes chapters on the coach as a mentor, a corrector and a trainer as well as having a section on coaching by rewarding.

Coaching champions

Frank Salisbury, published by Oak Tree Press in 2001, 261 pages

This well-researched book provides all sales managers, from executive to first line manager, with tools and techniques to develop their sales people into star performers. It introduces the power-coaching method.

Co-active coaching

John Whitmore, Laura Whitworth, Henry Kimsey-House, and Phil Sandahl published by Davies-Black in 1998, 251 pages

Presenting an approach allowing client and coach to work together to identify both work-related and personal areas of development, this book is aimed at professional coaches who want to increase their proficiency and for those interested in integrating coaching skills into their current practice.


Coaching to improve performance

This two-part video programme and study guide can be used as a straightforward self-study package, as an integral part of a course specifically on coaching or on coaching among other management skills. The package is available from www.performanceconsultants.co.uk and comprises:

  • Video 1 ‘The performance coaching concept’
  • Video 2 ‘The coaching model in action’ and study guide/facilitator’s material.