What’s Stopping You?

Target Audience:

This one day workshop is for women who are:

  • Pressing the snooze button on their life and careers
  • Struggling to uncover what they really want from life an do they know how to deal with what’s stopping them.
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Feeling unsure, scared, unhappy
  • And more…….

Course Aims

To give women the encouragement, the tools and the motivation to take action on their life.

To empower women to live their lives to the full.

Course Objectives

A one day inspirational, motivational and life changing workshop- (oh and heaps of fun!)


Wouldn’t that be so empowering?

Well I’m here today to tell you, (and this is the TRUTH) ‘To get to know what’s stopping you and what you want, is just at your fingertips and absolutely within your reach’.
This workshop will offer you a brand new perspective on what’s stopping you. One that will help you know what you want immediately and how to get it. Say yes to it and have more success than potentially you have ever had before.

Is this workshop for you?

Days Content;

  • How your story shapes your life
  • Your gentle calling
  • Self sabotage
  • Self- belief
  • 5 seconds that will change your life
  • Gain control of your life
  • Activate your energy
  • Your future road map

What’s Stopping You?


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