Women in Management

Women in Management

Take the first step by walking away from your shadow

Who are Women in Management? What does it mean to be a female manager in the 21st century workplace?

What does it take to smash and break through the infamous glass ceiling that still exists some 35 years since the first British Sex Discrimination Act and the Equal Pay Act?

While the debate continues as to whether the glass ceiling really exists, it is clear that, despite a raft of legislation to create gender equality work practices, women managers still face challenges if they are to secure promotion to top management and leadership positions, including board directorships, and to the pay received by men in these posts.

Fortunately, as no two female managers are the same, women are using a wide range of approaches to succeed while working out the best route to the next level.

The empower|me Pathway offers women leaders ways to hone their skills, to embrace their courage while acknowledging their femininity to dare to lead.

The pathway of leadership, empowerment skills, coaching, and mentoring can be designed for groups or individuals.

It’s well known that those who perform high and achieve high, do not do it alone. They have people around them, like coaches, mentors, teams and personal relationships.

They embrace their vulnerabilities, and by doing so they dare to lead beyond authority in order to succeed, and importantly they empower others to do the same.

Some common questions:

  1. What is the glass ceiling?
  2. Why do I need a plan?
  3. Why do I need to network?
  4. Why raise my profile?
  5. How can feedback help?
  6. I don’t want to get involved in office politics – isn’t that just for senior people?
  7. I think that women’s equality can be seen as too pushy and masculine.
  8. How can coaching and mentoring help me advance my career?

Are you a woman who is looking to rise strongly in your life and career? If so then the the empower|me bespoke pathway can make this happen for you. It is designed for your needs and your aspirations. Its as unique as you are.

So take the first step, by walking away from your shadow.

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