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What’s Stopping You?

What’s Stopping You?

‘I will be empowering myself to choose how I live my life and dance to my own tune’. 

The day was sponsored by Lochcarron of Scotland, who champion gender equality in the Scottish Borders.

5 women embraced the very first female empowerment workshop #What’s Stopping You? to be run in Scotland.

These women discussed issues, shared challenges,inspired each other and acknowledged their part in creating a truly equal society.

Gender inequality is real and true equality is achievable. But women need to make this happen. By understanding the impact women have and can have on the future, true equality will happen, as women will lead and elevate the women of the world and inspire the next generations of women.

These 5 women have taken the step and already their lives and those around them are changing!

You can do this too What’s Stopping You? offer women the opportunity to actively participate equally in economic life and in society.

Female empowerment workshops, coaching and business mentoring inspire women, women MUST participate and empower themselves if this world is ever to achieve true equality.

Here’s what Pam Redpath had to say about empowerment: Self employed Business Consultant.

‘I attended Heather Gordon’s  female empowerment workshop and at the beginning of the day I felt very uncomfortable describing myself as ‘powerful’.

A day of discussion and enlightenment followed and I began to realise that there were reasons for why I felt this.

We discussed how as women we can give our power away without realising it, and how this can lead us to feel uncomfortable being perceived as powerful, so as a result we may:

  • Become pliable to friends, partners, parents, children, colleagues,
  • Avoid standing our ground,
  • Fail to ‘recognise’ the much power & influence we naturally have.

I will take the following strategies away with me form this workshop:

  • Not taking the seat at the back all the time. Speaking up rather than accepting unrealistic timescales and demands and insulting day rates.
  • STOP being so hard on myself by telling my inner critic to be more positive or shut up!
  • Accept who I am, what I am , how I look- and work with that in a positive way.
  • Walking away more often. This doesn’t increase power or influence but it would make me less frustrated by life. I will be empowering myself to choose how I live my life and dance to my own tune. 

So What’s stopping You?- female empowerment workshops are life changing. We remind women just how powerful and influential they really are. So go ahead click on the link and find out some more, then just get in touch, be good to hear from you.



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