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Despite all the evidence demonstrating that employee health, well-being and engagement are important for organisational success, and that line managers are one of the most important influences on engagement, fewer than half of the 1,091 HR professionals surveyed by the CIPD last year believed that line managers are bought into the importance of well-being. What’s more, the majority of organisations still take a reactive rather than proactive approach to supporting well-being at work.

Just 60% of employees feel their line manager is genuinely concerned for their well being, although this is rising (58% in 2017, 55% in 2016). 64% of managers put the interests of their organisation above staff well-being at some point (and 12% do so every day).

There is a clear correlation between employee well-being and business performance. Improved engagement is estimated to be worth as much as £25 billion to the UK economy

Senior leaders have a responsibility to create an open culture, helping employees recognise well being as a critical issue, empowering line managers to make this a priority. Good job design is critical in providing line managers with the autonomy to manage employee well being, businesses need to help line managers take a proactive approach to well being and address any issues at an early stage.  Line managers also need a core understanding of mental health issues and need to feel able to act confidently as the first point of support. This also relates to strong emotional and interpersonal skills, as these are important for good management practice and in building relationships.

It is vital that line managers receive the best possible support to help them manage these responsibilities effectively. Line managers should be empowered to make a greater positive impact on employee well being.

Next Steps

empower|me is all about increasing employee engagement, health and well-being and developing an empowered organisational culture.

It is the nature of individuals to be risk averse, and it is the nature of organisations to create rules to prevent problems from recurring. However by  giving the relevant skills that provides employees and leaders with the confidence, technically and physiologically, to  work in an empowered way, business and people will thrive.

The empower|me tool box of workshops, coaching and mentoring provide the required skills that are key to for an empowered workforce to operate.

Ready for a Healthy Empowered Workforce?

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